The protests over police brutality took off at the end of September after President Trump said owners should fire any players who don't stand for the anthem.

There's a Winston-Salem Restaurant that wants to make sure you still notice the issue.

Omega House Family restaurant has its employees wearing new shirts saying: "I proudly stand for the flag and kneel for the cross."

"We're wearing our t-shirts to support our troops, veterans, the people that has laid down their lives of course to give us the freedom to wear these shirts," said Kimberly Vega, the co-owner of Omega House Family Restaurant.

She said the restaurant received overwhelming support from the community. She added that people have driven from all over the state to eat.

In fact, the restaurant decided to stay open extra hours for all the new customers.

On the flip side, a few costumers have posted on the restaurant's Facebook page saying they are upset.
Like Sue who said: "You could not pay me to eat here. You totally don't understand what taking a knee is about."