CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A major new project is coming to south Charlotte. City leaders voted unanimously Monday night to redevelop Arboretum Office Park.

The 5.4 acre project will be at a major intersection at the southeast corner of Providence Road and Pineville-Matthews Road.

Developer Childress Klein has plans to change the development from office-only to mixed use. This would give the area more than 50,000 square-feet for a grocery store as well as more commercial space.

Developers said the offices are more than 30 years old and need an update to stay in the market. Dozens of people who live in the area attended the meeting Monday night. Many were unhappy with the decision and voiced their opinions about the traffic the new development will create.

“Nobody’s hungry in south Charlotte. We have plenty of food choices, plenty of supermarkets, I mean we have 20 within a four mile radius of where we live, anyway what can I say, we’re deeply disappointed," Meryl Hunt said.

Residents referred to the city council's vote as a nightmare, because the major intersection, already filled with heavy traffic, could soon become even more congested. Dozens in the audience Monday held up signs saying “No Groceries and “Not Walkable."

City staff estimated more than 2,400 vehicles currently travel in the area, which could triple under the new rezoning plan to more than 8,000 vehicles.

“It's just enough, we have enough traffic, there’s a whole bunch of new development going on along Providence Road that aren’t even build up yet," Hunt said.

Residents said even though they didn't celebrate about the vote, they were proud they stood up for themselves. Neighbors told NBC Charlotte they just want the city council to stop and think about the families affected the next time they vote.