YORK COUNTY, S.C. — A York City Police officer is being praised on social media for going above and beyond the call of duty. 

Christy Smith Melton said her daughter Lexie took her dog, Missy, to the Liberty Baptist Church's annual 4th of July Firework show on Sunday

Melton said her daughter Lexie brought Missy, who is not afraid of fireworks, to the show. 

Melton said the dog had on a leash and collar, but Lexie took the leash off of the dog to get a picture with the dog.

According to Melton, Lexie sat down when the fireworks started and Missy took off.  

Lexie was devasted and began searching for her missing dog for hours -- with no luck. 

Melton said a York City Police Officer became involved in the search and would not stop until he found the lost dog. 

The police officer, Lt. Dover, drove the teen around for hours allowing her to call her dog's name from his megaphone. 

Melton said Missy ran out of the woods because she recognized her mom's voice. 

"The ending to this story could have been very different," Melton said. "The dog was surrounded by busy roads and got scared of the local fireworks."