CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A third Democratic City Council member is saying ‘no’ to bringing the 2020 Republican National Convention to Charlotte.

Dimple Ajmera said she reviewed the contract with the GOP National Committee that the full Council will be asked to approve on Monday, and found it lacking.

Ajmera in a statement wrote, “Taxpayers will be on the hook for potential liability, unknown risk, and exposure.”

She said her objection was not political but rather economic.

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Ajmera has, in the past, been an outspoken opponent of President Donald Trump and his administration.

She now joins two other Democratic Council members who oppose the convention, LaWana Mayfield, and Justin Harlow.

Earlier Friday during a taping of the NBC Charlotte program Flashpoint, Republican Tariq Bokhari said he supports the GOP coming to Charlotte but added, “If I look at that contract and what people told me about how taxpayers are not on the hook for this is not true, well then I have a problem.”

Another Democrat, Julie Eiselt who is Mayor Pro Tem, appearing on WBT Radio said she supports the convention as long as taxpayers don’t get stuck with paying all the security costs.

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“I have said that I won’t put the city in a position to have that kind of liability. If the Host Committee wants to assume it that’s fine but that’s my only condition,” she said.

The Council will meet Monday at 2:00 pm to vote on the contract.