CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The anti-communist group that was planning a march in uptown Charlotte later this year announced they are canceling the event.

In a tweet Thursday morning, Anticom said the rally, which was expected to take place in Marshall Park, will no longer take place “in light of safety concerns.”

On Wednesday, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police said they had received up to 500 calls about the possible event.

“People out in the community who express concern about what the group stands for,” said Deputy Chief Estes.

The group asked people via social media to bring torches to the rally, just over one month after the deadly riots in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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Charlotte activist Jibril Hough said he was organizing a counter-rally, saying he'd heard from hundreds of people supporting his event.

"Racists and racism is not welcome here in Charlotte," Hough said.

CMPD said violence would not be tolerated during any protests or rallies.

“If there’s a contentious situation and a person is carrying a firearm, they can be expected to be challenged by us,” said Deputy Chief Estes. “If things do happen, it won’t be from lack of preparedness on our part.”

In a tweet, CMPD said they are still trying to reach the organization to learn more information about the now-canceled event.