BOONE, N.C. -- A group of students at Appalachian State University are taking their opposition of House Bill 2 to a new extreme: they've been publicly protesting since last Thursday, with specific demands for the school's leaders.

"You get used to feeling like you're not welcome in most public spaces," said transgender student Taylor Stanley.

But here, discrimination is left at the door. The admin building lobby, however uncomfortable to sleep in, is comforting in other ways.

"Having somewhere that you are constantly, that is that open ,and you know everybody is respectful of you and who you are," Stanley said.

Stanley says it's frustrating that it can't be that way everywhere.

"Oh yeah," Stanley said. "I mean that's kind of what we're fighting for."

As you look around the room, students are sleeping, doing homework, and the pile of food, toilet paper and other essentials continues to grow.

"It's very important for me to be here," said Diana Feria.

Feria is one of many who have slept here every night since Thursday protesting HB2 and demanding that the school's Chancellor, Sheri Everts, publicly oppose it.

"Why do we have to do something so radical just for a statement?" Feria said. "Just for opposition on a bill that is obviously discriminatory."

This group of students says they also want Everts to suggest that the UNC school system as a whole publicly oppose HB2. Until that happens this part of the admin building will stay occupied.

"We're willing to be here for as long as it takes," Feria said.

We spoke with a member of Chancellor Everts' staff; he says she's not ready to publicly comment on HB2 or the students' occupation.