CONOVER, NC -- Just one week from Election Day a middle school art class partook in a fun election tradition. Every 4 years, one local woman has a unique way of predicting election results by putting candidates' heads on pumpkins and launching them in a trebuchet, similar to a catapult.

"The Hilary pumpkin turned out extremely well," said Greta Lint.

Lint's done this 4 times now, since the 2004 Presidential election.

Students taking art class at Newton-Conover Middle School each got a picture of a candidate running for various political offices, and a pumpkin.

"They were able to use that to draw on a sphere instead of a flat piece of paper," Lint said.

Tuesday, they were launched in a trebuchet.

"We measure the distance and that predicts the winner of the election," Lint said.

This tradition has accurately predicted the President two of the three previous times. To keep the trebuchet fair and balanced, the pumpkins for each race weigh the same. Some go more to the left, some to the right.

"These pumpkins have a mind of their own once they get out of the sling," Lint said. "And that's where the excitement comes in."

In the Governor's race, Roy Cooper was a fast line-drive. Pat McCrory, a deep fly ball. Clinton and Trump landed close to one another, Tim Kaine fell short and Mike Pence exploded when he hit the ground.

The final tally predicts McCrory over Cooper for Governor. Individually, Hilary Clinton beat Donald Trump, but combined with their running mates, Trump and Pence went further than Clinton and Kaine. We'll see how accurate the pumpkins are to the real candidates after elections.