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Candidates hold events across North Carolina in final push for voters

With the election on the horizon, campaign events haven't come to a finish yet in the Tar Heel State.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The final push before election day brought candidates and public officials across North Carolina on Sunday, hoping to sway the less than 40% of registered voters in the state who have yet to cast their ballot

“You have a very very clear choice in this election,” said Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

“You have a choice like none other in my lifetime,” said Vice President Mike Pence.

Rapper and actor Common joined Representatives Alma Adams and Chaz Beasley for a What's at Stake event in Charlotte.

“This is a time where you can show your power in a greater way than you ever have before,” Common said.

The What's at Stake event largely focused on health care and the handling of the coronavirus.

"Our national response to the crisis has been botched from day one because of the incompetence of Donald Trump and Mike Pence," Adams said.

"We need people who understand this is not a game, this is real-life situations for real-life people," Beasley said.

In Goldsboro, Kamala Harris claimed that re-electing Donald Trump would put democracy at stake.

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“Including our standing on the globe, including having a president of the United States who honors the American intelligence community over foreign dictators," Harris said.

Harris also criticized the president for not speaking out against racism and accused him of saying statements with racial undertones, claimed he was not taking climate change seriously, and attacked his handling of the coronavirus.

Sunday morning in Boone, Vice President Mike Pence attacked Biden’s tax plan.

“Joe Biden wants to raise taxes by four trillion dollars in the middle of a global pandemic," Pence said.

Biden has said his tax plan would only raise taxes for people who make over $400,000.

In Hickory, thousands gathered for a Trump rally where the president claimed Biden would take the country in the wrong direction.

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“Biden wants a cruel and very heartless nationwide shutdown," President Trump said. "It won't affect you because you're already shut down. I don't know what the heck - what's going on with your state? Are you ready to open up? I think so."

Trump says a Biden win would be bad for the economy and way of life.

"Massively increase regulations, send your jobs overseas, destroy the suburbs," Trump said. "You can’t go to school and you can’t go to church, it’s crazy.”

The president also says he believes if elected governor, Lt. Governor Dan Forest would open up North Carolina.

"You'll open it up right away, ok," President Trump said to Forest. "He should win just on that one, this is crazy."

The president also claimed Joe Biden will abolish fracking, eliminate school choice, and outlaw private healthcare.

With the election now on the horizon, campaign events haven't come to a finish yet in the Tar Heel State. Melania Trump will be in Huntersville on Monday, and both campaigns are expected to keep up their efforts until the final moments. 

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