CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles has been projected to win the Democratic primary for mayor after receiving nearly 87 percent of the vote with 174 out of 178 precincts reporting during the primary election. 

Lyles is set to face David Michael Rice in November. 

Charlotte hasn't elected a mayor for a second term since 2011.

"Just two years ago as I said we were in the same building in a very, very competitive race and we overcame great odds in that election," Lyles said. "Tonight we made history and I do believe we will continue to do that going into the November general election and hopefully this city will elect its first two-term mayor in recent history."

Lyles thanked her team for helping her through the campaign process, and said it has great meaning to her to be able to serve the community. 

In her acceptance speech, Lyles thanked her family and said she did not think about the number of votes, but rather of the people behind those votes.

“I think about the people who helped me get to this place and I am grateful they believe that I can be someone that can provide stable leadership, visionary but yet pragmatic," Lyles said.

She encouraged her supporters to show up to vote for the general election, saying the work isn't done yet. 

"We still have a race in November," Lyles said.