CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The mayor's race in Charlotte is expected to garner local and national attention.

Incumbent Mayor Jennifer Roberts, D., is running for re-election following a term that included the economic fallout from HB2 and the deadly officer-involved shooting of Keith Scott last September.

“You’ve got a good chance of getting a lot of people out there,” said Mecklenburg County Director of Elections Michael Dickerson.

Besides the race for Mayor, Dickerson said, “You’ve got a full slate of City Council races so there is interest on both sides, Democratic and Republican."

Dickerson said issues like HB2 and the civil disturbances can bring more people out.

“The situations might be unique but the fact that these things happen is things that are part of our political processes,” said Dickerson.

There are some 500,000 registered voters.

Asked for a prediction of the turnout for the primary, Dickerson said, “We are looking at anywhere from nine to 10 percent. So that’s a good 55,000 voters."

For a city the size of Charlotte, Dickerson said that would be “a lot.”