CHARLOTTE, N.C. — More than 700 pages of documents relating to the ongoing election fraud investigation in the North Carolina's 9th Congressional District were released Monday.

The race between Republican Mark Harris and Democrat Dan McCready remained uncertified due to allegations of absentee ballot fraud against Harris' campaign.

The documents were filed by the state board of elections as well as McCready. They're trying to stop a judge from granting Harris' request to be seated.

The board said, by law, they are obligated to conduct and complete a full investigation into the alleged fraud impacting the election. 

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If a judge granted Harris' request, the investigation would be halted, and the board would have no chance to take action if they found evidence of wrongdoing. The board also couldn't call for a new election.

The board said Harris failed to demonstrate a clear legal right to be seated, and it is under no legal duty to certify the results.

McCready said Harris is asking for the election to be certified despite the fact that he hired the man who is accused of committing election fraud. The campaign wants an evidentiary hearing to determine whether the election was tainted.

Harris's lawyers submitted more than 600 pages, making the arguments we've heard before: They believe they won, and there's no proof that the election results were impacted.