Mark Harris sat down with NBC Charlotte Tuesday to talk about North Carolina's 9th District drama.

The Republican, who thought he would be in Washington, D.C. by now, is still waiting for his race to be certified.

Harris discussed the fallout over fraud allegations; he even teared up at one point.

"This whole situation is internally crushing because there is nothing more valuable, there is nothing more important than a man or a woman's good name," Harris said.

Harris is in the middle of a massive ballot tampering investigation.

"Frustrated and disappointed," he said.

Without a state elections board to certify the race, Harris is hoping a judge will do so instead.

He said his attorneys just turned over thousands of documents to state elections investigators this week, and more are on the way.

Harris hopes the investigation will be complete by the time his case goes before a judge next week.

"There are some who would say, careful what you ask for though. You don't know what that investigation is gonna bring. I don't. We have said from the beginning that we are looking forward to an investigation that would be transparent, complete, that would look at all sides," he said.

But we wanted to know, with all that's happened, would Harris even want a win?

He said, after watching this Congress sworn in without him, yes, more than ever.

"It was a little hurtful to see members up there with their grandkids," Harris said. "The idea of having my grandchildren with me at that swearing-in event being lost on me is a bit disappointing I will definitely say."