CHARLOTTE N.C. -- Charlotte Democratic Party leaders criticized Republican Donald Trump who is holding a rally in Charlotte.

North Carolina is critical to Trump if he hopes to win the White House.

Mecklenburg Democratic Party Chairman Matt Newton said Trump has proven over and over that he is not qualified to be President, and Newton condemned Trump for his taped comments about kissing and groping women.

"It is even sadder when our Republican state leadership has still refused to disown the man and still endorses him."

Trump, speaking earlier Friday in Greensboro, blamed the media for his recent sag in the polls.

"The corrupt media is trying to do everything in their power to stop our movement, believe me. They don't want this happening."

As local Democratic leaders came out against Trump, his incendiary comments about women dominated much of Thursday night's debate between incumbent Republican Senator Richard Burr and Democratic challenger Deborah Ross.

Ross said, "Donald Trump has demonstrated, particularly this week, that he is singularly not qualified to be our Commander in Chief."

Burr responded saying he is not going to defend Trump for what he said or for his actions.

"But, when I look at our choice, it's not close for me. I'm going to support Donald Trump."

Trump has chosen Burr, who is Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman, to be a member of his National Security Advisory Council and Burr accepted the post.