CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Vice President Mike Pence will be in Charlotte next Friday making a campaign stop to support Republican incumbent congressman Robert Pittenger.

The visit by the Vice President is a measure of how much the GOP wants to hold on to that seat.

Political experts like Dr. Eric Heberlig, political science professor at UNC-Charlotte says the Republican National Committee is concerned there might be a “blue wave” coming and no incumbent Republicans are safe.

“The national Republican party is pulling out all the stops to make sure that Pittenger gets over the finish line,” said Heberlig.

Vice President Pence is the biggest name so far who will come to Charlotte to stump for Pittenger.

To support Pittenger and other GOP incumbents the Republican National Committee has placed six full time staffers in North Carolina.

“They are making sure candidates like Pittenger are well financed and have active campaigns throughout the election season because if they wait until September or October, it may be too late,” said Heberlig.

Dan McCready, 34, is Pittenger’s likely Democratic opponent.

McCready is a former Marine who served in Iraq.

His resume is remarkably similar to that of Democrat Connor Lamb who recently won a congressional seat in Pennsylvania in a district Trump had dominated in the 2016 election.

Heberlig says McCready now has to prove his metal against the veteran incumbent Robert Pittenger.

“How good is he in terms of interacting with people, what type of message he can craft to appeal to traditional Republican leaning voters in this district?”

Heberlig added, “Republicans know that they have a headwind facing them and districts that are traditionally solidly Republican, could be in danger this year.”

The first step for incumbents and challengers comes with the primary election on May 8th.