CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Tense moments at Charlotte's City Council meeting Monday night, as an outspoken supporter of House bill 2 was escorted out by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police.

The battle over bathrooms and LGBT rights was not even on the agenda, but council got an earful anyway.

“You are disrupting our meeting-- I’ll have to ask you be arrested… We are following the rules that there are 10 speakers when speaking on items not on the agenda,” said Mayor Roberts, after a man was escorted out of the meeting and told he could not speak at the podium.

“Being black is not a sin, being male or female is not a sin, being handicapped is not a sin, but being homosexual is a sin. How do I know? The Bible tells me that,” said Flip Benham.

That heated exchange came when a HB2 supporter wasn't allowed to speak at the Charlotte City Council meeting because the item was dropped from the agenda.

“There was an idea there might be some resolution the city could support. It was decided that wouldn’t be helpful [and] the item was pulled from the agenda,” said the Mayor.

“There were rumors there would've been a vote tonight. I believe had there been seven votes, there probably would’ve been a vote, a symbolic gesture-- it would've shown we are here in good faith toward a resolution-- the inability do that hardens positions,” said councilman Kenny Smith.

Most speakers thanked the council for its stance and the original ordinance passed that expanded protections for the LGBT community and allowed a transgender person to use the restroom with which they identify.

President of the Human Rights Campaign, Chad Griffin said, “There is only one entity to blame for the disaster that is HB2-- general assembly and the governor-- the reason you see hundreds of businesses in the state and country standing in opposition to HB2.”

The latest cancelation: Maroon 5's Adam Levine canceling his NC concerts.

“We like to support everybody being treated equally. And if they're not being treated equally in certain states then we gotta kinda make certain changes. So hopefully they will and I hope we'll be able to go back there soon," Levine said.