RALEIGH, NC -- In his first speech since becoming Governor-elect, Democrat Roy Cooper said it is time to repair the damage to the state's reputation brought about by the passage last March of House Bill 2.

The law that limits the rights of members of the LGBT community is believed by political observers to be one of the main reasons incumbent Republican Pat McCrory lost his bid for reelection.

"I will fight all kinds of discrimination," Cooper said, adding, "repairing our state's reputation will take all of us."

Cooper delivered what was essentially a victory speech that had been delayed by a month.

Republicans filed challenges and contested ballots, but in the end, all of the protests were disallowed by the State Board of Elections, clearing the way for Cooper to claim victory.

"Finally," he quipped as he addressed a cheering crowd of supporters in Raleigh.

He pledged to work for higher teacher pay and higher paying jobs, but HB2 seemed to top his agenda.

"With this election, North Carolina is on its way to repairing its reputation. Let's finish the job and repeal HB2."