CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The cost of HB2 continues to mount and more musical acts and conventions opt not to come to the Charlotte area.

The Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority says seven groups have canceled events in Charlotte.

The projected value of those events to the city would be nearly $227,000 dollars.

Overall, CRVA figures indicate a total of 56 events have either canceled or are in jeopary of canceling visits to Charlotte.

The overall projected spending that could be lost now stands at $86,474,178.

Mayor Jennifer Roberts said, "I think they need to repeal HB2."

Roberts said action was needed now to do away with the new law that restrict protections for members of the LGBT community.

Roberts said she was against the idea that is circulating now in the legislature to put the HB2 question on the November ballot.

"There is a cloud over our state and we need to change that law so people know that North Carolina is an inclusive place where everyone is welcome, and we can't wait until November."

A bil introduced earlier this week by Democratic Representatives in the House has now been sent to a committee but no date has been set yet for a hearing.