CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts was among those casting ballots on the first day of early voting in Mecklenburg County.

Political observers say Roberts is in for the fight of her political career.

It will be her first re-election effort since the city suffered the economic fallout from HB-2 and the often violent disturbances that followed the shooting death of Keith Scott who was killed by a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officer.

Even as she was casting her ballot, Roberts faced questions after losing the endorsement of the Charlotte Observer, that instead gave its support to Vi Lyles, the Mayor Pro Temp.

The Observer said Roberts "has failed to achieve any semblance of an agenda in her first term."

Roberts today eagerly defended her record, saying, "When you say we haven't done anything in Charlotte, we've created more than 2,000 new affordable housing units since I've been Mayor and brought more than 15,000 new jobs to the city."

Following the violence in Charlottesville and the controversy over the display of Confederate memorials, Roberts is now proposing to rename Stonewall Street, that many believe waas named for Confederate General Stonewall Jackson.

Roberts said today, if it does get a new name, it will take some time.

"Obviously there is a process that would be involved. We saw this with Martin Luther King Boulevard a few years back when that was renamed by the City Council. We'd also have to talk to businesses along that street," she said.

Vi Lyles who was also out greeting early voters said of the renaming proposal that everyone should remember and reflect on what the history of Charlotte really is."

Said Lyles, "I think our historians should weigh in and help us decide the context and say this is what our history says and how to portray it."

The primary election will be held September 12.