CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The head of the Charlotte Chapter of the NAACP is criticizing remarks made by U.S. Rep. Robert Pittenger.

Pittenger said liberals should condemn Black Lives Matter and other groups for their “hate and violence.”

He made his remarks on WFNC, a radio station in Fayetteville, when he was talking about the violence that broke out in Charlottesville, Va.

The Congressman said President Trump received unfair criticism for saying there was blame on both sides.

In the interview, Pittenger said, “You look at the action of Black Lives Matter and people like Al Sharpton who have not condemned it. We never heard President Obama condemn the violence of Black Lives Matter.”

Corine Mack, who is the head of the Charlotte NAACP Chapter, said of Pittenger, “you clearly don’t understand the racial issues in this country."

Mack said she felt Pittenger had lumped her and other civil rights organizations together.

“If you compare Al Sharpton, Black Lives Matter and Corine Mack for that matter, to the KKK and white supremacists, that’s a huge problem,” said Mack.

During the radio interview, Pittenger said Black Lives Matter and other groups should be condemned for what he calls their “hate and violence.”

“It’s a bit disingenuous to me that so much pressure and criticism has been put on President Trump for what he didn’t say, and yet when these things happen on the other side…silence,” said Pittenger.

The NAACP's Mack said her message to Pittenger is, “You clearly don’t understand that Black Lives Matter came out of the hurt and harm to Black people.”

Asked if Black Lives Matter espoused violence, Mack said no.

“What we do is lift up our voices," Mack said. "Now we may be very passionate in doing that. We may even be angry in doing that -- and rightfully so -- but we have never gone anywhere trying to harm anyone. That’s not what we do.”

A spokesperson for Pittenger told NBC Charlotte he did not have time to go on camera to answer questions about the radio interview.

Pittenger did later tell the McClatchy Washington Bureau that he “made no direct connection between Black Lives Matter and the KKK.”

He went on to say, “However, there is the reality of hate and violence with Black Lives Matter and Antifa... why should they be given a pass?”