CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- After the nation’s latest mass shooting at a Texas church, Charlotte police are urging everyone — children included — should go through active shooter training.

“Everybody needs to be preparing,” CMPD Lt. Steve Huber said Monday. “Anybody can be a target at any time.”

Of the 26 people shot and killed at Sutherland Springs Church in Texas, more than half were children. The youngest was only 18 months old.

In the last year, the state of North Carolina began requiring day cares to have an active shooter plan in place.

“The Division of Child Development and Early Education, who mandates our program, really felt like you can never be too prepared,” said Courtney DeTemple with Sharon Academy in Charlotte.

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Public schools are a different story. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, for example, requires 10 fire drills per year.

But when it comes to active shooter drills, there is “no policy or rule in place.”

“If we just look at the sheer numbers, the last student to die in a school fire was 60 years ago,” an expert told NBC Charlotte. “Yet, just in the last 20 years, we've had 962 deaths in our schools due to violent acts of stabbings and shootings.”

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Police say times are changing; that’s why they’re getting calls every day, from groups requesting active shooter defense training.

“If they don't know what to do they’re going to sit in their chairs (or) they’re going to crawl under a table and they're going to become a victim,” Lt. Huber said. “We want you to barricade yourself, not hide. Hiding gets people killed.”

CMPD does offer that training to any organization who requests it, free of charge. However, police say they are already booked solid through February.

“We've got to all start preparing for this because this is not going away,” Huber added.