CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte Councilwoman Lawana Mayfield said it is an honor to be appointed to the North Carolina Human Relations Commission to give a diverse and unique perspective on issues.

But Senate Republicans are furious. In a letter, they’ve asked the governor to take that appointment back.

The longest-serving Charlotte city council member, and arguably the most controversial, is once again in the spotlight.

Governor Roy Cooper appointed Mayfield to serve on the state’s Human Relations Commission.  

The committee of just 22 “advocates, enforces and promotes equality of opportunity in the areas of housing, fair employment practices, public accommodations, education, justice, and governmental services.”

It is a big role for Mayfield, and many are celebrating her 4-year term. But Senate Republicans are not.

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Still disillusioned by tweets accusing some police officers of being homegrown terrorists, 29 Senate Republicans wrote a letter to Governor Cooper urging him to rescind his December appointment of the councilwoman.

NBC Charlotte spoke to Mayfield back in June during her community forum to discuss police relations.

“We need to stop just saying, okay. we got great cops out there. I've never disputed that. I have always been a champion for our police department but that doesn't mean I will turn a blind eye,” she said.

The North Carolina Republican Party sent a statement Tuesday evening, saying in part:

"This is yet another example of Governor Cooper's poor judgment. Councilwoman Mayfield's comments are insulting to the men and women who get up every day, do the right thing, and hold the thin blue line. The least Governor Cooper could do is rescind the appointment of a 9/11 truther. Anything less shows Cooper is complicit with her offensive views." 

Governor Cooper’s office told our sister station WRAL in Raleigh the governor doesn’t require his appointees to share all the same views he does.