CONCORD, N.C. — The North Carolina Republican Party opened its 2019 political convention Friday in Concord.

The convention comes just two months after the party chairman, Robin Hayes, was indicted on charges he tried to bribe a state official.

Former Governor Pat McCrory received a standing ovation as the convention opened.

McCrory told NBC Charlotte’s Rad Berky that he wouldn’t dwell on the party’s recent problems, saying he didn’t think the party had an image problem in the eyes of voters.

“Right now we have got to worry about who the next chairman is going to be and get this party moving”, McCrory said.

In addition to the indictment of the chairman, the state party had to watch as Republican Mark Harris had to pull out of the Ninth Congressional District election after a political operative that he hired was accused of absentee ballot fraud in Bladen County.

Dan Barry who is the former chairman of the Republican Party in Union County said, “We’ve had some challenges in the last twelve months, certainly in the last six months, but we are moving beyond that and advancing or causes."

The convention will decide on a new chairman at their session on Saturday.


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