A person who submitted an affidavit claiming his vote was connected to the District 9 investigation is now coming under fire for questionable credibility after he was arrested on drug charges. 

Chris Eason was one of dozens arrested after "Operation Take Back the 'Boro," a two-month long undercover drug sting by the Bladen County Sheriff's Office.

Eason was accused of selling marijuana, running a drug house and illegally having a gun, officials say. 

He also showed up on the list of potential witnesses in the District 9 election fraud investigation, claiming he was targeted by the alleged ballot tampering organizer -- McCrae Dowless. 

Eason swore in an affidavit that he signed his ballot but never actually filled it out, then turned it over directly to Dowless. Dowless was hired by Republican candidate Mark Harris. 

Harris told WCNC in an exclusive interview that he's not convinced that Dowless did anything illegal, saying, "We do still live in a country where you're innocent until proven guilty."

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The investigation into potential wrongdoing is expected to be done soon, and Harris is asking a judge to certify the results of the race.

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"We want the facts to lead whee they will and folks to be accountable that need to be held accountable," Harris previously told NBC Charlotte.