RALEIGH, N.C. – A proposed bill aimed at banning same-sex marriage in North Carolina will not be heard, House Speaker Tim Moore announced Wednesday.

House Bill 780, which was proposed by four North Carolina House Republicans, is titled the “Uphold Historical Marriage Act.” The bill quoted the Bible and said the Supreme Court’s ruling is “null and void” in North Carolina.

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In a statement, Moore said:

“There are strong constitutional concerns with this legislation given that the U.S. Supreme Court has firmly ruled on the issue, therefore House Bill 780 will be referred to the House Rules Committee and will not be heard.”

Rep. Larry Pittman, a Republican from Cabarrus County, released a statement Wednesday to NBC Charlotte. 

"HB 780 is about the need for the States to reassert their rights.  As the bill states, marriage is not a federal matter.  For too long, the federal government and federal courts have been allowed to overstep their bounds because the States have not had the courage to say no.  Upholding the US and NC Constitutions means demanding that laws and court rulings do not contradict the very Constitutions we are obligated to uphold.  I appreciate Rep. Speciale and Rep. Ford for having the courage to stand with me and say so."

Governor Roy Cooper tweeted Wednesday saying "We need more LGBT protections, not fewer."