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CMPD prepares for the RNC with security and transportation plans in place

In Uptown, signs read welcome delegates, the queen city getting ready for the RNC.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Street closures, parking restrictions, and a no-drone zone are all going into effect in Charlotte this week as we count down to the Republican National Convention.

In Uptown, signs read welcome delegates, the queen city getting ready for the RNC.

"We're open for business as we normally would be, just know there's going to be a little more patience involved in getting through where you need to get through," CMPD Major Brochu said.

This week, thousands of people were supposed to be in Charlotte. Now, scaled back to smaller crowds. Despite that, CMPD said security and transportation plans are in place. 

"There will be a lot more activity than perhaps the community is used to," Brochu said.

CMPD said they are also ready for potential protesters. But most importantly, police are asking that if you see something out of the ordinary that you say something.

"Those of us who live in our community know our communities so if you see suspicious activity just like you do on normal days we would ask for that vigilance be brought across to this event that helps us dramatically for our security," Brochu said.

Police are made note that drones can not be flown during the RNC. As a precaution, a helicopter flew over Charlotte Wednesday.

The Department of Energy conducting, aerial radiation measurements, to ensure the public's health and safety.

Several parking and street closures are being implemented throughout the week, around the convention center. 

Starting Sunday, there will be vehicle checks and the light rail will be on a modified schedule.