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RNC calls on Governor Cooper for answers on 2020 convention

The GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said they are hopeful Governor Cooper will give guidance to allow a "safe and successful convention in Charlotte."

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Republican National Committee is asking North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper to make a decision on if the RNC can be held with a large number of people in attendance. 

"When the Republican National Committee contracted to come to Charlotte to host the 2020 National Convention it was for a full convention," a statement from the Republican National Committee reads.

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It comes after President Donald Trump sent a series of tweets May 25 threatening to relocate the Republican National Convention if the governor's COVID-19 phased reopening plan would not allow full attendance at the event.

In a response to those tweets, Cooper said his administration was awaiting proposed, operational guidelines from the Republican National Committee.

Thursday, the RNC proposed guidelines and called on Cooper to lead the charge.

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The Republican National Committee says they have plans in place in response to COVID-19, including temperature checks, testing before and during the convention, masks available on request, and enhancing sanitizations of public areas. 

In the statement, the Republican National Committee says they "are planning to hold a full Convention starting August 24." RNC leaders say Governor Cooper's hesitation this past week has "only cast further doubt." 

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RNC leaders told Governor Cooper in the statement that they need to know by Wednesday, June 3, if they can host a full convention. If not, RNC leaders say the will immediately start making modifications. 

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Despite President Trump's comments that the Republican National Convention would be moved out of Charlotte, the statement from the committee does not mention anything about leaving the city. 


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