CHARLOTTE, N.C -- One of the new members of the Charlotte City Council says after less than a month in office, that the job of Council member should be full-time.

Council member Braxton Winston, who was elected last month and just sworn in in December, says the public deserves a full-time council.

"They should have a full-time government advocating for their needs, day in and day out," Winston said during Monday night's meeting.

Currently, a council member makes $31,572 for part-time service. The office of Mayor. that is also part-time, pays $48,832.

Winston says he will also advocate for longer terms.

"I would love to see a four-year cycle of staggered terms where we look at district races in one cycle and city-wide races in another," said Winston.

Reaction from taxpayers was mixed.

Martha Branden said she felt Charlotte had grown into a city that needs a full-time government even if it costs more money.

Said Branden, "it costs money if you don't pay a full-time salary."

Opposing the idea was Rebecca Plaisance, who said, "You say we don't have money for schools, don't have money for teachers, don't have money for this or that but have money for politicians? I don't know that I agree with that."

Braxton was speaking at the meeting during a time when members could discuss ideas but no formal presentation or discussion has been scheduled.