ROCK HILL, S.C. – If you text and drive, the penalty if you are caught in South Carolina could be going up next year.

South Carolina State Representative Bill Taylor, R-Aiken wants to raise the current fine of $25 to $100 dollars. A second offense could result in a $300 fine and a two point penalty on your license.

In North Carolina a cell phone can be used while driving but texting is prohibited. The fine for texting in North Carolina is already at $100 for a first offense.

Taylor’s bill would allow the use of Bluetooth functions and the use of a phone for GPS mapping as long as hands don’t touch the screen.

Most drivers today said they agreed with the proposed hike in fines.

“I think people should focus on what the task at hand is and make th highways safe for all of us," said Gary Witman.

Taylor’s proposal is so tough it would allow an officer to stop a driver for just holding a phone.

Driver Sandy Witman thought that was a good idea.

“Yes, because that is probably what you are going to be doing. You are going to be texting or talking. Why have the phone in your hand? Just drive.”

Taylor’s bill will likely go before the South Carolina legislature early next year.