CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- North Carolina Congressman Robert Pittenger said the recent massacres in Texas and Las Vegas could have been prevented.

"The last couple of shootings we’ve had, have been because we haven’t had enforcement of the laws that are on the books and they need to be enforced," said Pittenger who added that he was praying for the folks affected by the tragedy in Texas.

When it comes to buying a gun in North Carolina or South Carolina, the rules are similar in each state with a few, fundamental differences.

Both states allow concealed carry but it takes 30 days to get the permit in the Tar Heel State while there is no wait in South Carolina.

Across both borders it is illegal to a buy a gun if you are:

  • A fugitive of justice
  • Mentally incompetent
  • A convicted "violent criminal"

At Hyatt Gun Store off Wilkinson Boulevard, owner Larry Hyatt says business is booming.

"The AR-15 is the most popular gun today, by far," said Hyatt, who's been in the gun industry for more than 40 years.

He says with the murder rate in Charlotte climbing for the third consecutive year, people are taking protection into their own hands and it's shown in the profit margin.

While Democratic lawmakers have called for gun control, Hyatt has another alternative.

"The one thing we know, you can't have violent crime somewhere if [criminals] are locked up," Hyatt said.