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Vi Lyles proud of winning election without going negative

Charlotte Mayor-elect Vi Lyles said she is proud she won Tuesday's election without airing negative campaign ads against Republican Kenny Smith.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Vi Lyles said she is proud that she won without going negative against her opponent but she says she did think about it.

“I was very disappointed that I was portrayed that way, “ Lyles said on the morning after her commanding victory over Republican Kenny Smith.

In his ads, Smith had criticized Lyles for raising taxes.

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The conservative NC Values Coalition that supported Smith said Lyles had been a backer of Charlotte’s non-discrimination ordinance that led the legislature to pass HB2.

Asked if she had ever considered using negative tactics against Smith, Lyles said, “I committed to a positive campaign. I committed to being the person I am. The thought does cross your mind, but in the long run, you have to be who you are.”

On the question of what to do about the city’s skyrocketing murder rate, Lyles said, “The Mayor does not reduce the murder rate.

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What she said she would do after a crisis like a climbing rate of homicides or the riots that followed the Keith Scott shooting, Lyles said she would make sure all parts of city government are on the same page.

“I will be working with our Police Chief, City Manager, and other council members to determine what’s the best way to address the issue.”

Lyles will be sworn in the first week of December.

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