CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Is it possible that a rally similar to that in Charlottesville could be coming to Charlotte?

A group called Anticom tweeted about the rally against Communism scheduled for December 28 at Marshall Park. The same group used social media to rally people in Charlottesville.

Now, local counter-protest efforts are already underway.

Marshall Park has been used as a place for social change by many different groups, but some say that group is not welcome.

The flyer posted on Anticom’s Twitter account calls for people to bring torches. It was posted about six weeks after scenes of violence in Charlottesville swept the nation.

Through social media, Anticom claims the rally is against communism. However, local activist Jibril Hough says don’t be fooled.

“Racists and racism are not welcome here in Charlotte, that’s what this group is about,” said Hough.

Hough is already organizing a counter-protest, which includes recruiting people for security.

“Just in the past day or two, hundreds possibly thousands, have interest in supporting the event,” said Hough. “We’ll probably have a larger event than theirs.”

In previous tweets, Anticom rallied supporters for the Charlottesville event which turned violent, even deadly. The Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department says they haven’t been contacted by the group about the event and no permit has been requested.

If a permit is requested, police tell NBC Charlotte they’ll properly vet the organization to ensure no potential safety concerns or threats.

Hough, who has gotten permits in the past, is working on getting one now.

“Even the Ku Klux Klan can apply for the permit, they can probably get a permit because it’s their First Amendment right, so I’m not sure what they mean by vetting,” says Hough.

The event is scheduled for 2 p.m. on December 28 at Marshall Park, according to the group’s Twitter page.

“It (Marshall Park) holds a statue of Martin Luther King, and the Holocaust memorial, so for a group like this to gather at this park it’s like a desecration,” says Hough.

NBC Charlotte reached out to Anticom through Twitter but has not heard back.