Andrea Grinage is home for the holidays, just three months after police say her ex-boyfriend, 34-year-old Laquinn Phillips set her on fire while she was carrying his child.

She was forced to deliver the baby six weeks early. Now baby girl Journey is healthy and mom is finally able to bond with her daughter.

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She is slowly regaining some of her strength and can hold the baby and care for her.

“I celebrate every milestone, like the first time I changed her diaper I called my mom,” she laughs.

But she admits seeing her beautiful daughter is bittersweet, “she looks like her father.”

A complete stranger helped her celebrate on Friday. LaTasha Ward works in the Prince George's County community where Grinage was attacked.

She felt so compelled by the story, she delivered three large bags of toys and clothes for Grinage's children.

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“We have to continue to support this family because it will be a long journey ahead,” she said.

Grinage has 40 surgeries ahead of her and her mother has stepped in to help raise the children while she recuperates.

“She has always been our rock and she stepped up 110%,” Grinage said. “I don't know what I would do without my mother.”

Grinage hopes sharing her story will raise awareness about domestic violence and encourage people to find help before it's too late.