CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Monday, jurors heard an interview with police where Rayquan Borum admits to firing a shot in uptown.

Borum is accused of shooting and killing Justin Carr during the uptown Charlotte riots in 2016.

Borum says he didn't aim at or shoot at anyone.

Monday was the first time jurors heard our calls that he made from the jail to the one number.

"I was just about to bail too bro," Borum said to the person on the phone. 

He told the person on the phone about police showing him video evidence of the shooting death of Justin Carr. Carr was outside the Omni hotel, protesting the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott.

"They showed me pointing the gun," he said on the phone. 

Detectives had not shown Borum any videos -- they only told him they saw him on video outside the Omni and later walking in uptown with a man they believe is the person Borum called.

"You on every scene with me," he said on a call. 

During one of the phone calls you can hear the other person telling Borum he should have asked for a lawyer, and that he messed up.

Toward the end of the last conversation, Borum says once he gets a lawyer he will be able to change things.

Prosecutors say their best evidence in proving Borum's guilt is his own words in these calls. 

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