CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Everyone wants to be the new home of Amazon's next headquarters, especially the Queen City.

But Charlotte is not alone. So far, 238 cities sent proposals to Amazon explaining why they should be the popular company's new home base.

The Queen City sent their proposal to the tech giant on October 18. But what was in that proposal? The group called Charlotte Regional Partners that is spearheading the effort to woo Amazon released more details on the bid that was submitted recently.

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So far we know that Charlotte's proposal included 21 different possible headquarter sites, including the River District. The district's close proximity to the airport and inclusion of eight million square feet of office space (which fits in Amazon's requirements), are two components Charlotte hopes will entice Amazon.

Ronnie Bryant from C.R.P would not say where the specific sites are, nor would he provide details of the financial incentives and tax breaks being offered to Amazon.

Other cities have made public their incentive packages. Chicago, for example is offering $2 billion.

Bryant said this is not a bidding war.

"If that was the case, all the other information they asked for would be irrelevant. Just send a dollar amount and lets negotiate a price," said Bryant.

Here's what Amazon said they were looking for in the city that will house their new headquarters:

- A city that had at least one million people already residing there for their new headquarters. This is in hopes to attract tech savvy employees.

- Somewhere at least 45 minutes from an international airport.

- Good tax structure.

Amazon said if they find a city within those guidelines and choose that as their second headquarters, it will profit the city immensely.

The tech giant's headquarters will include a five billion dollars investment into the local economy, 50,000 jobs with employees making an average salary over $100,000.

Other cities that are chomping at the bit for Amazon's headquarters include Washington D.C., Boston, Tucson, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Minneapolis, Denver, Baltimore and more.