You've probably heard the saying, "Where there's smoke, there's fire."  A new poll suggests South Carolinians are interested in the legalization of medical marijuana.

Benchmark Research polled 400 people and according to their results 72 percent are in favor of legalizing the substance.  

Even more astounding than the results, the support is seen from both political parties. 

63 percent of Republicans, 78 percent of Independents and 84 percent of Democrats say they support medical marijuana in the Palmetto state.

In North Carolina, Charlotte politician and state representative Kelly Alexander Jr. says the legalization of pot is not an issue of 'if' but 'when.'

"We're talking about the development of an industry," said the politician and local businessman. 

Alexander believes it'll happen relatively soon.

"If we don't do it this biennium, we're going to be very, very close," said Alexander of North Carolina's efforts to legalize medical marijuana. 

Alexander has been staunch in his stance, advocating for marijuana years before it hit the mainstream wire of political conversation about five years ago when Colorado legalized recreational marijuana. 

Since then, nine other states along with Washington D.C. have allowed people to legally use the substance. 

The cannabis culture is also more accepted in the medical community, with more than 30 states allowing some sort of medicinal marijuana. 

According to New Frontier Data, a leading cannabis market research firm, weed was a $10-billion industry in the United States this past year. 

So why are politicians in the Carolina's so slow to pull the trigger? 

"They're slowly moving out of the legislature as the gap between what the voters want and their [lawmaker's] positions, widen," said Alexander. 

Alexander said he believes South Carolina is more likely to legalize medical marijuana as he believes Republicans there are more progressive than their counterparts in North Carolina.