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Big dreams start at The Little Gym of Greensboro

Not everyone can be a professional athlete or medal at the Olympics, but a Triad gym for kids is teaching youngsters how to win at life

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Not everyone can be a professional athlete or win a gold medal, but a Triad gym for kids is teaching them how to win at life.

The Little Gym of Greensboro teaches gymnastics and other sports skills to children 4 months to 12-years-old.

A lot of their students are watching the Olympics right now and visualizing themselves on the podium someday.  Gym director DJ Brewington gets to witness the magic every day.

"I can see in every move that they make that they're trying to be as perfect as possible just like they see on TV in the Olympics.  It's a beautiful thing," said Brewington.

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"You'll glance over to the grade-schooler on the balance beam doing poses and all this stuff and you're like, 'oh my gosh, you totally picked that up from last night's routines, that's awesome," said the gymnastic center's general manager, Andrew Hall.

Brewington says their students draw more than just inspiration from Team USA.  The kids also establish goals which is another big part of the experience.

"The Little Gym is a place where kids can develop that love for the sport of gymnastics in a non-competitive, passionate, and loving environment.  We base everything on boosting self-confidence," explained Brewington.

While success in a sport is awesome, The Little Gym's main goal is to teach kids how to win in life.

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"Our goal is to develop not necessarily an Olympic athlete but an Olympic child and develop them on all levels from social to emotional, cognitive levels getting them the opportunity to use the sport of gymnastics to help springboard them into that next stage of success for them," said Hall.