Just before our Houston sister station, KHOU, was forced to go off the air Sunday by rising flood waters, one of their reporters, Brandi Smith, was on a freeway overpass broadcasting live on the air and on their website, their last link to the world.

Over the side of the overpass, she saw a semi in about 10 feet of water, with its driver still in its cab, and the water rising fast.

She called out to him, asking him if he was okay, and if he could make it on top of his truck.

As the rains continued to fall, the driver said he wasn't sure, and climbed back to the relative safety of his cab.

Brandi turned and was able to flag down a four-by-four from the Harris County Sheriff's Department towing an air boat behind it. She quickly explained the situation to the deputies in the truck and pointed toward the truck in the water below.

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As the deputies sped off toward the water's edge and Brandi turned back to look at the truck driver -- KHOU's signal died.

We had no idea what would happen to the driver or anything else.

Looking at images later from our colleagues from KHOU, we knew just how precarious the predicament had become for everyone.

KHOU's newsroom and studios were underwater, and everyone was being evacuated to relative safety several blocks away.

Thankfully, a short time later, Brandi was able to let everyone know that the truck driver was rescued by the deputies.