LAKE WYLIE, S.C. -- Carolina Water System denies the accusations but tells NBC Charlotte they are running extra tests to reassure Lake Wylie residents their water is safe.

Lee Kheler has lived in Lake Wylie for more than a decade and doesn’t believe his drinking water is safe.

“There has been concern over the years about the quality of our water,” Kheler said. “I have subsequently water system treatment in my home.”

Kheler testified at a public hearing held by the South Carolina Public Service Commission last week that in 2016, his water tested positive for lead. Results obtained by NBC Charlotte show the EPA action level is .15 parts per million. Kheler’s water tested .19 parts per million.

Kheler’s report said adults who drink water like his could develop kidney problems or high blood pressure over the years.

“I have high blood pressure. I didn’t have it before I lived here,” Kheler said.

After Kheler shared his results with his neighbors, more residents became concerned.

“Those numbers should be zero,” Count Smith said. “All of this water is supplied by the same company.”

Carolina Water Service told NBC Charlotte last summer, they collected samples from 20 homes and the results were clear; the samples were below the action level.

Due to the recent concerns, the Columbia-based company ran additional tests Tuesday morning, a spokesperson said the results should be available in a couple of weeks.

“There is no recourse with the water; we have to get water from them,” Smith said.

Carolina Water Service is the only water company in Lake Wylie. The company purchases water from York County and distributes it to nearly 10,000 customers.

Kehler and Smith said they are going to take matters in to their own hands.

“What we intend to do is sort of get a grass root effort to get the people together and take their concerns back to Carolina Water,” Smith said.

“Ideally, there’s been conversation about buying this particular water system, said Kheler. “That’s always a possibility.”