CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- With a rush of calls to restoration crews many in Charlotte are trying to salvage what they can and learn from their mistakes.

"Once I walked into the house the kitchen was flooded," said Celicia King.

King never thought it would happen to her.

"We come from the old school where you run the water during the night time when it gets really cold so we thought that would help," said King.

The age old trick was not enough and King called out 911 Restoration to her town home in Firethorne Condominiums Saturday.

Crews spent all day servicing multiple locations across the Charlotte region. Tim Crane, the company owner, said they received about twenty calls Friday and 15 on Saturday. To put that into perspective, a normal day may bring one or two calls. Crane says he's planning on work like this for days to come.

"I bought more equipment at the beginning of the week and we're probably going to make a trip down to Atlanta or Florida and go get more equipment tomorrow," said Crane.

King fells fortunate to have escaped with minimal damage. A town home near her didn't fare as well with extensive damage to the carpet and sheet rock.

"Try to salvage as many materials as we can, first and foremost we're trying to get things dried out," said Crane.

King says she'll take extra precautions for the next cold snap.

"We should have left the cabinet doors open," said King.