WATERVILLE, ME -- In the midst of the controversial debate on standing for the national anthem, a patriotic photo of three roofers is going viral.

As the national anthem played at a football game in Waterville on Saturday, it was overheard by three nearby roofers who paused from their manual labor to take a moment and join the game's spectators in paying their respects.

The photo shows three men standing with their hands placed on their hearts on top of a roof.

Michelle Lyons Cossar snapped the picture when she saw the men pause from their work to honor the flag.

"Standing for the National Anthem at the Old Town Waterville football game today and from behind the stands we hear, 'Hey, look! They aren't kneeling,'" Cossar wrote on her Facebook post. "When I turn to see who said it, this is what I saw... three men roofing a house and respecting the flag."