CHARLOTTE, N.C. – U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions announced the creation of a new Charlotte Violent Crime Task Force to stop the growing trend of violence in the city.

Speaking before a group of local, state and federal law enforcement officers in Charlotte, Sessions cited a recent number, saying “Robberies are up by a third, assault is up by 29 percent and murders are up a staggering 36 percent."

Charlotte has had 86 homicides in 2017.

“Over just the last two years the violent crime rate is up nearly a quarter here,” Sessions said.

Sessions said the new task force would be run by the Charlotte FBI Division Office, but who would serve on it or if there would be funding the task force were questions that were left unanswered.

Sessions left the room immediately after speaking, taking zero questions.

The Attorney General did say that the task force would tackle a number of specific crimes including bank robberies, carjackings, kidnapping and extortion.

“We will not cede a community, a block, or a street corner to violent thugs or drug dealers,” he said.