RALEIGH, N.C. — Representative Walter Jones has passed away at the age of 76.

On January 26, Jones' wife confirmed he was in hospice. Jones had been battling an undisclosed illness since the fall. 

Jones, the Republican U.S. Representative of North Carolina's third congressional district, has been served since 1995. 

Jones had recently broke his hip and underwent surgery. 

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North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Robin Hayes released a statement that reads, in part:  "Jones' legacy will undoubtedly be the unequivocal advocacy he put forth for the men and women who serve in this country's armed forces, and not just those who lived in his district, but across the nation. There was no better champion for eastern North Carolina than Walter Jones."

Republican Senator Phil Berger issued a statement saying North Carolina lost a advocate and he lost a friend.

"During his tenure, our state and country went through important trials and came out stronger because of his work. I will miss him, and so will thousands of others," Senator Berger said in the statement. 

Jones served in Congress for 24 years.