Andy Stitzer can finally put a face with a name.

Thirteen years after yelling her name during an apparently-authentic chest-waxing scene in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Steve Carell met Kelly Clarkson.

Carell posted a photo of the two stars together at the Golden Globes on Twitter, with a simple caption: “Finally.”

Clarkson, who grew up in Burleson, Texas, quoted the tweet and called it “one of my favorite moments of my life.”

As for the chest-waxing scene? Carell told ABC News in 2005 that it didn’t involve any special effects. That means the entire scene -- from the waxed-off hair to using Clarkson’s name as an expletive -- was shown as it really happened.

"It had to be real," said Carell, who plays geeky lead character Andy Stitzer in the 2005 film. "It wouldn't be as funny if it was mocked up. You have to see it really happening."

In November, Clarkson told the Today show she had never met Carell and felt “gypped” by the fact that she’d never met him despite the use of her name in the iconic scene.

Gypped no more.

See Twitter reaction to the long-awaited meeting below or here.