Last week, Channel 6 brought you the story of a Fort Hood family who was expecting a baby boy. The baby was diagnosed with a rare condition called heterotaxy syndrome.

Billy Junior was diagnosed with heterotaxy syndrome, a condition where internal organs are misplaced or duplicated.

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The military couple welcomed their son into the world on Thursday.

Capt. Bill Leasure described his son's birth as the scariest ten minutes of his life.

One minute, Leasure and his wife, Elisa Leasure, were joking around.

The next minute, chaos ensued.

Elisa needed an emergency C-section. The umbilical cord had a knot in it, and the cord was wrapped around Billy Junior's neck.

When the Leasure's baby was born, there were no signs of life. No heartbeat. No pulse.

Doctors at the Texas Children's Hospital were able to revive Billy Junior shortly thereafter, and he was taken to the neonatal intensive care unit.

"He's perfect," Bill Leasure said. "I've sat and stared at him and stroked his hair, and he's responded and smiled, and cried, but hey, I loved, it sounds funny but hearing him cry I know he's okay."

Capt. Leasure said Dr. Karin Fox, a former Fort Hood Soldier of the Year, saved his son's life.

Bill Leasure told Channel 6 Billy Junior has received medicine to keep blood flow to his lungs, but the soldier's baby boy will need open heart surgery within the next two weeks.