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Video shows Texas boy hitting family's door with whip; father arrested after gun goes off, officials say

No one was injured during the incident, but the boy's father was later arrested after his gun accidentally discharged while he argued with the girl's family.

FORNEY, Texas — A doorbell camera captured a young boy walking up to a family's house in Forney and hitting their front door with a whip last week, and the video got widespread attention over the weekend.

Authorities said the boy's intentions were to confront a classmate, and that there's been a "bullying issue" between the two children.

The family of the girl, who is Black, called the incident with the boy, who is white, a "racial issue."

“We know the history of the whip," said the girl's father, Dezerrea Nash. "This is a racial issue. He comes to the door with a whip."

No one was injured during the Thursday incident, but the boy's father was later arrested after his gun accidentally discharged while he argued with the girl's family, officials said.

The girl's family posted videos of both incidents -- the boy whipping their door, and then their interaction with the boy's father, they said -- and the footage began to receive attention in the following days, getting tens of thousands of views on social media.

On Sunday, the girl's mother, Carissa Nash, told WFAA how the incident unfolded Thursday afternoon on Cross Cut Drive in Forney.

Nash said it began with a knock on her front door.

“I look at my doorbell camera before going to the door, and I see it’s a little kid,” Nash said.

The child was her 9-year-old neighbor with a whip in his hand, she said.

Nash's video showed the boy hit their door with the whip. Then, after a second whip on the door, Nash can be heard opening the door and telling the boy to leave.

“Little boy, you better get your [expletive] off my porch, beating on my door like this," Nash told him, according to her video. "I will call the police. You need to leave. Don't you ever beat on my [expletive] door like this. Go."

The boy then turned and walked away.

The next video Nash posted was of her husband, Dezerrea Nash, who said he went to the boy's father's home to get answers.

On the video, Dezerrea Nash can be heard telling a man, "I'm coming to have a conversation with you, sir. Your son. I'm going to show you the video."

The man said the Nashes were "accusing my son," according to the video, and the man told them to leave.

They responded, "We're showing you the video."

Dezerrea Nash also told the man that there was a "huge scratch on our car." 

Seconds later, the sound of a gun could be heard going off from near the man at the door.

Jason Johnson, the Kaufman County Precinct 2 constable, identified that man as Bryan Brunson.

Johnson said Brunson had a gun in his right hand, and that the gun went off, firing in the direction of his daughter, who was standing behind him.

Brunson was later arrested on a charge of deadly conduct, Johnson said.

WFAA reached out to Brunson, who had posted bond and was released from jail, speaking to him briefly on the phone. Brunson said he had retained an attorney and that there was more to the story.

Johnson said the incident started when the two kids were walking home from school together.

“There have been several interactions between them at different times and locations,” Johnson said.

More information about those interactions was not released.

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