CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The holidays are fast-approaching and Charlotte Douglas International Airport is gearing up for another busy season of travel.

Airline industry experts anticipate a three to five percent increase in traffic from last year’s holiday season.

“We are prepared for the crowds, but there are going to be a lot of folks,” said Charlotte Douglas Chief Operating Officer Jack Christine.

CLT airport is anticipating more than 30,000 local passengers each Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving. That estimate means it will be two of the busiest days they’ll see all year.

“Arrive at the airport about two hours before for a domestic flight, and three hours for an international flight,” said TSA Federal Security Director for Charlotte Kevin Frederick.

If travelers operate by that rule of thumb, TSA says it’s pretty much a guarantee that they’ll make their flight. As for security lines, excessive delays during Thanksgiving are not expected.

“Maximum wait times, we’re hoping not to exceed 30-35 minutes on any one day,” Frederick said.

Passengers will also notice a new security measure in place. It requires them to take any electronic device larger than a four-by-six-inch cell phone and place it in a bin like they would a laptop.

“That was our x-ray operators will have a very clear view, and an uncluttered image of the items that are going through that x-ray machine,” Frederick said.

With a large number of travelers, the airport is expecting the long-term parking lots to fill up, so other travel options to the airport are encouraged.