CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Gas prices continue to rise in the Carolinas as repairs to the nation's largest fuel system continue to delay.

The Colonial Pipeline is partially underwater in Texas after the catastrophic flooding from Harvey. This forced the company to shut down portions of the system that pumps more than 3 million barrels of fuel from Texas to New Jersey, which provides 40 percent of the east coast's fuel.

"This is the cheapest one I found, $2.59," said Michael Tolbert. "I'm hoping it doesn't go anymore higher than it is."

Drivers have been feeling the pain at the pump since Harvey hit. The Colonial Pipeline was expected to be back on line Sunday but the company has pushed that back to Tuesday.

The average price of gas in North Carolina is $2.62, according to GasBuddy. That is up from $2.38 on Thursday and a $0.42 jump since Harvey hit.

Things aren't much better down in South Carolina either. Gas prices in the Palmetto State were $2.28 on Thursday and $2.50 three days later. That is a $0.45 increase in just over a week.

"I have gas stocked up already at home just because of last year with Hurricane Matthew," said Truong Le.

Gov. Cooper declared a state of emergency and enacted the state's price gouging law to protect drivers in light of shortage. However, experts say supply should not be an issue.

"We have a ton of supply, I don't think we're going to see the shortages, nothing like what we saw with Katrina," said Tiffany Wright, spokesperson for AAA.

If supplies hold, there is still the matter of price. Gary Ford paid $2.84 for premium Sunday night.

"Well, God blessed me with the money to pay it, so I'll pay it I don't feel good about it," he said. "But I'll pay it."

Le says he is prepared for prices to go even higher.

"It's expensive," he said. "Especially with Hurricane Irma around the coast as well, I believe it's going to go up to $4."