CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Transportation to and from school is a stressor for many parents, even when things go according to plan.

On Monday, CMS launched a new app to help ease those concerns and give parents updates on when their child’s bus is arriving.

“You’re going to automatically worry about them until you lay eyes on them,” one CMS parent said.

In an effort to calm worried parents, CMS has launched the use of the app, “Here comes the bus.”

“A lot of our working families say they just would like some assurance that the bus is where they think it is, before they leave their child at the bus stop,” CMS Executive Director of Transportation Janet Thomas said.

That’s a normal scenario. Other families have experienced unusually long delays.

“We waited for about three-and-a-half hours for the bus to come,” another CMS parent said.

For parents like this one, the app can help determine why there’s been an inconsistent drop or pick-up times.

“This will be a great tool for them to figure out, ‘well it’s notified me every day this week, have I had a stop time change?’ That triggers them to call us, and we can look and see why have we been this time all week,” Thomas said.

CMS launched the app for elementary students and K-8 students Monday morning. Before lunch, 3,000 parents had already signed up.

Parents can’t track the bus throughout its entire route. Instead, they set up a radius to their bus stop at a size of their choosing. The app will then alert parents when the bus has entered that radius.

To use the app, parents need the district ID as well as their child’s student ID.