MOUNT HOLLY, N.C. - A photo of a big rig taking up several parking spots, including a handicap space, is making the rounds on social media.

"I consider it a cardinal sin if somebody parks in a handicap parking space if they're not handicapped," said Chip Johnston.

If that's the case, the driver of the truck may want to ask for forgiveness. The picture was taken outside the Rite Aid in Mount Holly, North Carolina.

"For whatever reason they don't seem to get it and think they can park where ever they want to or they think we're only going to be here for a few minutes," said Johnston.

"Well during those few minutes that's the time when somebody with a real disability may need to use that space and they can't."

Two months ago, a United States Postal Service van was caught on camera illegally parked in a handicap space. The picture didn't fly with Christina Ladd, who's been paralyzed since 2012.

"First of all, the driver should know better." said Ladd.

USPS apologized immediately. However, they aren't alone. From FedEx to Loomis armored trucks, we've seen this time and time again.

"So many people just don't get it," said Johnston.

On the contrary, some may not get why Chip, who has two working legs, gets so worked up over people parking illegally in handicap spaces.

"For 18 years of my life I was married to a woman who used a wheelchair," said Johnston. "I saw the struggle she went through on a daily basis."

A Pepsi spokesperson issued an apology following the photo's circulation.

“We apologize for our driver’s poor judgment, and we’re addressing the issue to ensure this does not happen again.”