CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, S.C. - A brand new report released by Mothers Against Drunk Driving are calling out the state of South Carolina for weak DUI laws.

This comes a day after a Chesterfield County school bus driver was arrested for driving students while intoxicated.

The 30 page report includes months-long research.

MADD outlined their issues with South Carolina's DUI laws, calling for stiffer rules including:

  • Aggressive prosecution of DUIs
  • Passing a one strike and you’re out law requiring ignition locks for all DUI offenders
  • And strengthening dash cam laws

Chesterfield County Sheriff Jay Brooks backed the demands, especially when it comes to changing the state's dash cam statute.

"We’re at a disadvantage when it comes to court as far as DUIs are concerned," said Sheriff Brooks. "And it all hinges on a piece of equipment in a car.”

When a DUI suspect is tried in court, state law requires dash cam video be used as evidence.
But if that video is missing or faulty, it can have some serious results.

“It will always get thrown out completely or pled down to a lot lesser charge," said Sheriff Brooks. "It gives law enforcement a huge disadvantage of getting convictions.”

The Sheriff is hoping that doesn’t happen in a case involving a county school bus driver.

Angela Caldwell is now charged with child endangerment and DUI, accused of driving students with a “blood alcohol level” nearly 4 times the legal limit.

Monday night, she bonded out of jail.

Sheriff Brooks added that he hopes this report gets tougher DUI laws on the books, but notes many legislators are defense lawyers who may be fighting for the opposite.